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Heat Seal Band Replacement Tips:

Things to check when replacing heat seal bands:

  • Check the new heat-seal band is the correct part number (verify that the band’s physical dimensions and the active length are as per the specification).

  • For double sided heat, and when using only one Ropex controller with heat-seal bands wired in parallel, it is important that both the top and bottom heat-seal band specifications/electrical properties are identical. To ensure this, it is important to only pair bands from the same production LOT.

  • Prior to installing the new heat-seal band, inspect the underlying insulation materials and/or tape.

  • Verify that spring end electrical terminals are operating correctly (freely compressing and extending) and are clean and free of corrosion.

  • Install new heat-seal band (check that band is sitting flat, and free of kinks or physical damage).

  • Finally, install new PTFE coated fabric Cover-Strip tape. Verify that this material is the same thickness as that used prior/or documented during the process validation and is in-fact “Cover-Strip” or “like” with an adhesive free center zone (this is the thermal barrier between the heat-seal band and substrate being sealed. Hence, it has a direct effect on the heat-sealing temperature). When checking tape thickness use a Micrometer, and not a Caliper, as a Caliper does not have the resolution to enable you to accurately differentiate between crucial product variants, for example between 0.13mm and 0.15mm tape thickness.

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