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PTFE (ZT) Zone-Tape, for Enhanced Heat Seal Band Performance and Life:

mm (inch)
Specifications / Remarks
Temperature stability:
up to 200°C
Silicone adhesive thickness
approximately 0.05 mm
Store in a cool dry place:
Optimum storage temperature
20°C +/-5, humidity 45 to 75%

PTFE Zone Tape specification format : CS-08S-40-12
CS = PTFE coated fabric, Cover-Strip with non-adhesive free zone
08S = 0.08 mm Fabric thick + adhesive backing (S = Silicone) (A = Acrylic)
40 = 40.0 mm Overall width
12 = 12.0 mm Non-adhesive free zone

Specifications and dimensions subject to change.

ROPEX Heat Seal Bar Consumables:

PTFE Zone-Tape with a non-adhesive free zone enables the heat seal band to freely expand and contract, without damaging or creasing the covering glass fabric.

We can also provide custom tapes, slit to your dimensions, to suit your application.

PTFE Zone-Tape maximizes your heat seal band life. The heat seal band is free to expand and contract minimizing thermal and mechanical stresses.

  • PTFE Zone-Tape minimizes the thermal barrier between the heat seal band and heat sealable substrate.

  • PTFE Zone-Tape enables lower heat seal temperatures.

  • PTFE Zone-Tape promotes maximum heat transfer (heating and cooling) for optimized heatsealing system performance.

  • Adhesive backed for easy installation, heat resistant up to 200°C.

Ordering information:

PTFE Zone-Tapes ... In-stock (custom sizes also available)

  • Part No. XXXX
    Adhesive: Silicone

  • Part No. XXXX
    Adhesive: Silicone


P: 414 507-9378


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