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ROPEX High Current Load Resistor (RB)
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Ropex RES/CIRUS temperature controllers are designed for flexible implementation into a large number of standard applications. The required secondary voltages and currents can be set within a wide range. An additional RB-xxxx-1 load resistor must be connected parallel to the current transformer in applications where the current of the heatsealing band is higher than the maximum permissible current of the controller.

Note: refer to Ropex Application Report for installation instructions.

  • For Resistron and Cirus applications.

Ropex Load Risistor for Resistron and Cirus Controllers

Ropex RB-xxxx-1:

RB Technical Data:Ropex pdf

ROPEX Models and Part Numbers:

Load Resistor RB xxxx-1...

  • RB-01R7-1 (Resistance 1.7 ohms): Part No. 886103

  • RB-04R5-1 (Resistance 4.5 ohms): Part No. 886102

  • RB-09R0-1 (Resistance 9.0 ohms): Part No. 886101

  • RB-16R6-1 (Resistance 16.6 ohms): Part No. 886104


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