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ROPEX RES Resistron RES-403 ...

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The ROPEX Resistron 400 Series of controllers utilize microprocessor technology for sensorless, closed-loop control of impulse heating elements. ROPEX controllers offer a range of configurations and protocols for simple plug-in system integration.

The use of ROPEX Resistron controls goes beyond impulse heat sealers, form fill machines, and converting equipment. ROPEX Resistron controllers also provide a solution for an extensive range of heating applications:

  • Heat-seal-bands and cutting-wires ... for hermetic sealing, and trimming of flexible films

  • Zebra and intermittent heat-seal-bands ... for skip seals and packaging ventilation

  • Impulse heating tools ... for activation of adhesives used in the bonding of non-thermoplastic materials

  • Flexible or rigid impulse blades ... for scoring, cutting, and bending of thermoplastics

  • Impulse heater coils ... for hot air bonding, and scoring of thermoplastics

  • 2D and 3D contour heat-seal-elements ... for custom shaped heat-sealing, and heat-seal plus cuttings

ROPEX Resistron RES-403 controller is at home in a diverse array of industries:

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Cosmetics
    • Chemical
    • Dental
    • Defense and Military
    • Electronics
    • Energy and Renewable Energy
    • Food and Beverage
    • General Industrial
    • Healthcare and Hygiene
    • Laboratory and Research
    • Medical
    • Pharmaceutical

Ropex Resistron RES-403 Heatseal Controller

Pictured: ROPEX Resistron RES-403:

The microprocessor technology endows the Ropex Resistron RES403 RES Heat Seal Temperature Controller with previously unattainable capabilities:

  • Very simple operation thanks to AUTOCAL, the automatic zero calibration function.

  • Good dynamic response of the control system thanks to AUTOTUNE, which adapts automatically to the controlled system.

  • High precision thanks to further improved control accuracy and linearization of the heatsealing band characteristic.

  • High flexibility: The AUTORANGE function (as of October 2005) covers a secondary voltage range from 0.4 V to 120V and a current range from 30A to 500A.

  • Automatic adjustment to the line frequency in the range from 47Hz to 63Hz.

  • Increased protection against dangerous conditions, such as overheating of the heatsealing band.

The electrically isolated analog interfaces for the temperature set point and the actual temperature(0-10VDC) allow the temperature to be set either directly on the machine PLC or by means of an external potentiometer (PD-x).

Similarly, the real heatsealing band temperature can be visualized either on the display of the machine PLC or on an external temperature meter (ATR-x).

The Ropex RES-403 Resistron Temperature Controller features an integrated fault diagnosis function, which tests both the external system (heatsealing band, wiring etc.) and the internal electronics and outputs a selective error message in case of a fault.

To increase operational safety and interference immunity, all 24 VDC logic signals are electrically isolated from the controller and the heating circuit.

Coding switches on the temperature controller itself can be used to adapt to different heatsealing band alloys (Alloy-20, Low-Ex etc.) and set the required temperature range (0 ... 300°C, 0 ... 500°C, etc.) on  all controllers manufactured as of June 2003.

An external 24VDC auxiliary voltage is required to supply the isolating amplifiers and optocouplers.

The compact design of the Ropex RES-403 Resistron Temperature Controller with plug-in connections make this controller an ease to install.


P: 414 507-9378


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